Ok this is strange I’ve written 2 more entries since the last one shown. Either I keep forgetting to hit submit or something is wrong with my blog code. I haven’t changed anything so I’m betting I’ve just forgot to submit it the last couple of times.

Quick Recap: I accepted the job offer from TMS. I’ll be starting my new job on Monday, June 12th. I’m still looking at apartments in the area online. My graduation is Saturday, May 13th. I’m planning on staying in Lubbock until the end of May.

Now I’ll write what I was planning on this time. I just ordered a new soundcard. I wanted a card that had hardware mixing and one that I could have multiple /dev/dspx channels. My motherboard soundcard is pretty bad. It puts the microphone capture and the sound output into the same stream. That means if I ever use a chatting program people can hear whatever sound I’m listening too. So if I have winamp playing music everybody would have to listen to it too. Secondly, I have a lot of software that refuse to share the soundcard nicely in linux. So I can’t listen to xmms and get alerts from other programs at the same time. I think it would work if everything was written to use alsa, but several programs still want oss. So I this new Soundblaster Live card in only to find out it’s one of the cards that is not well supported. Don’t get the SB Live 24-bit cards! So I went back to newegg and I have another card coming in. This time I chose a SB Audigy 2 ZS. It’s cost was over twice that of the first card though. If this one doesn’t work I’m giving up on it (for awhile at least).

There is some good news. Cedega finally fixed the bug in World of Warcraft that prevented me from being able to select objects. I did have a hack that made it work sometimes, but it’s nice to have it work all the time now. The support for my games just keeps getting better and better. That makes me very happy :). Now I can go back to using linux 100-percent again. Oh and the reactOS guys are about 90-percent of the way through their software audit. I really hope their OS takes off for them. It would be great to see M$ competing with a free software windows clone that does everything windows does but better. When I get closer to the moving I might switch my windows partition over to it and try it out. If I get time I might even try contributing to it if I can. That could be really fun.

Anyway, sorry for not having a entry for so long. I’ll try to remember hitting submit in the future :p

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  1. D.B. says:

    Cool! I didn’t know you were a ReactOS fan =) I also think it is interesting.

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