Mission to Fix the Hub

I have been working on my boring page and it now has a graphical counter! It uses shtml to run a c++ program. In other news Cassie and I fixed the Problem in D building. I went to fix Mr. Adkins computer because he couldn’t access email or internet. I checked all the settings–they were fine so I then checked the patch cable — fine as well. So then I went to another teacher nearby and discovered she couldn’t access the network either! Apparently the hub had been disconnected for about 2 weeks. So Cassie and I set off on … the mission to fix the hub. We went and obtained a key from an un-named person and got into the store room. After close examination Cassie noticed that the lights on one of the hubs wasn’t flashing. So I pushed in the plug and abra ca dabra poof it worked! So Cassie and I saved the day by plugging it in. The End.

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  1. Coy says:

    Hey! This is the very first place that I mentioned Cassie’s name. And we were on a daring mission together. How exciting!

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