Time to format and reload my computer

I keep getting errors trying to write this in notepad…it keeps saying that I’m out of memory. So I’m writing my journal in wordpad now. Maybe this file is getting too large for notepad? I’m going to wipe my computer clean again and start over. I just need to back everything up on CDRW’s first. Maybe it will fix some of my problems. If it doesn’t I guess I’ll call up Dell and yell at someone. All of these problems are really making me mad. I will install linux first and mess with windows later. I just wish my PCMCIA slots would work in linux. Why can’t things just work the way you want them too?

I might put this journal on all of my websites. If I ever can switch over to linux completely I will make this a hard linked file in each of my html directories, that way when I update it once I won’t have to copy it or rewrite it. If I install slackware 7.1 I can use my PC card but not the xserver…If I install slackware 8.0 I can’t use my PC card or the xserver…and If I install mandrake 8.0 I can use x but not the PC card. Maybe I can borrow Justin’s old mandrake CD, it might work. Or maybe I could copy the xF86Config file that xdrake makes, and install slackware 7.1… oh well I’ll figure it out when I wipe my computer clean.

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