Setup apache and user/journal pages

I got a lot done on the AiS server today. I downloaded and installed a new version of apache this afternoon. The web server works much better now. The cgi-bin is installed and working and server side includes work now also. I set up the user and journal pages to use a pearl script. I need to tell Mrs. Zamie to update the /etc/passwd file to include the period for each student and to make sure the last name comes before the first. I added a counter to the main home page fixed some broken links and fixed the footer. I’m pretty happy with how it is acting now.

I didn’t really do much schoolwork today though. I really need to figure out the username and password to get into my political science class study guide. I really need to figure it out! Otherwise my grade will continue to drop. Ok I need to start doing more important things than blabbing to the world.

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