Whew! No Exam Today

Well I am in the lab right now. It is just past 7:30. Obviously I wrote the wrong day for my history final. Yes, the one I was so worried about last night. I set my watch alarm, my mechanical alarm, my digital alarm, and my phone alarm to be sure I woke up on time, and my mother called me just to be sure I was up on time. All for nothing! I walked into the building and waited for the doors to be unlocked. While I was in the hall I was looking around puzzled because I didn’t see anybody that I knew, I was thinking “I hope it’s in this classroom, I didn’t hear him say otherwise…”. I went and sat in class and waited for about 5 minutes. “5 minutes until 7:30, why isn’t anybody here? What if it is another classroom, how will I find out?! What if I wrote down the wrong day and everybody already took the exam?!!”. I started to panic a little, but I took out my notebook and looked at the time I had written: “7:30, Friday, May 8”. Then I thought “Today isn’t May 8, maybe it’s next friday, but I thought the exams ended on Wednesday”. I guess I just wrote down the wrong day! Next wednesday is the 8th so I have a few more days to prepare for the exam. I feel a bit stupid and very relieved that it’s not today. Now if I show up on Wednesday and nobody is there then … well I’ll be screwed. But I’m pretty sure that I wrote the date right *crosses fingers*. Ok
that’s it for now.

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