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Stayed up all night again…

Well I forgot to go to sleep again last night. So this is the second time that I’ve been awake for two days in a row without sleep. Last night I was working on my software engineering project. I was … Continue reading

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gcc -o cassie -lgerman -c uberman.c

I read about polyphasic sleeping in David’s journal. I hadn’t ever heard of it so I did some research on the internet to find out what he was talking about. It sounds very interesting. There is no way I could … Continue reading

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How soon is soon?

Well I’m confused about what I’m supposed to be doing in my Software Engineering Class. I was switched from Design to Programming by group decision. But now our teacher has made her own reassignments to the team, so apparently I’m … Continue reading

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I’m getting dizzy!!

I took some new pictures and quickly put together the image you see in the upper left corner of this page. I can’t look at it too long, because I’ll get dizzy. I could take some more pictures so it … Continue reading

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New Journal!

I’ve spent the last few days (including an all-nighter) updating the code for my journal. First I switched from perl to php, it took a couple of hours to do that. Then I changed the code to display the latest … Continue reading

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