School’s out! Now I can work on AiS

Finals are finally over!! That means I can go back to working on the AiS server again. I figured out why I couldn’t build the compiler. The glibc files on the linux box were too old to work. They were 2.1.3. In order for it too compile it needs a version greater than 2.2 but less than 3.0. So I downloaded 2.3.1. But in order to get that to build I needed to download linuxthreads as well. Sometimes I hate trying to build files on linux, it’s like going to the DMV in Clovis. Every time you come back they say “sorry can’t help you…you need to bring foo as well”. So you go back and get it when you come back they say “okay that’s nice but I still can’t help you because you don’t have”. I always have that problem when I get a new program in linux. But anyway, I shall have the new version working shortly. Then maybe I’ll fix ftp so that it can use active mode, download a new ftp client for AiS, and inquire of Mrs. Zamie the ip number of the proxy server. It used to be but it is no longer.

Hopefully I can get most of it done today, so that I can go back to studying German for Cassie It’s rather neat how learning German (even though it i’ve only learned the basics) has helped me to understand English better.

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