Dell … grrrrrrrr

Well I am once a again computerless (I’m in the CS lab now). My computer crashed while I was browsing the internet so I thought, “Oh well. I guess I’ll just turn the power off and on”. So off it went. But then my laptop got all defiant and refused to turn back on for me. So I had to call Dell and tell them to fix it again, and that maybe they should run a burn-in test before sending it back this time. I know what happened though, I sent in my laptop with a perfectly good motherboard (just with a couple of broken ports which wouldn’t be all that hard to fix) and they replaced it with a refurbished one. It would have taken me maybe 30 minutes to fix the ports on the motherboard if I could have gotten it. Sometimes it’s really annoying knowing how to fix a system but not having the equipment to do it, so you have to send it in to some trained monkeys for them to fix it for you. Same goes for their technical support. They always make you go through an half-hour of troubleshooting before they will actually believe you that it’s an hardware problem. I mean I call them up tell them exactly what is wrong with the computer and I spend forever trying to convince them that I’m right. I understand why they have to do it, because I’ve seen first hand how stupid people are, but it really annoys me because I probably know more than they do about computers. I think from now on I’ll be better off if I can just jerry-rig it to work. Then I don’t have to worry about them putting a bad motherboard into my my computer. But I guess I’ll stop ranting now. So sorry I didn’t talk to you on ICQ Cassie, (and that you never have your cell phone on when I call).

My church is going to think something is wrong with me. I’m going to be in Clovis every weekend for the month of June for one reason or another. The weekend before last I took Shane home. Last weekend was Father’s Day. Next weekend is Shane’s Birthday. The weekend after next is Krystal’s Birthday. Then the next after that is the 4th of July Weekend. The only time I’m going to be in church is Wednesday nights, so I’ll probably get visitors a lot asking me why I’m not coming to church on Sunday morning. But that’ll be okay, I’m glad they care.

Well hopefully I’ll get my laptop back before long so I can talk to my fanclub.

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