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Certain people have been making me a liar on accident. The two W3C banners down at the bottom usually apply to all of my pages. The exceptions occur when old-style html tags are used in a journal entry or in a comment. Things like <BR> and <br> are errors in xHTML, most browsers still interpret it but since this page is written in xHTML, line breaks must be written with <br />. Capital letter cannot be used and you must have the ending slash in the tag. But it’s okay, now my blog will strip all html tags from comments and replace new lines (every place you push enter) with a <br /> so the page will still conform to open standards. My blog now also records the time that I upload an entry, someday I may use it to be able to add more than one entry per day. But for the time being it is just a time-stamp so you will know when I uploaded my journal. (note: Due to the way I have the code written if I upload between 12:00AM and 5:00AM the date will be one day behind.) I was also planning on creating some more administrative tools (modify entries, delete entries, modify comments, delete comments, etc.) so I don’t have to manually open the database and fix it with raw sql commands. Oh I also made the addcomment page fail if you don’t type you’re name or put anything in the comment box. Somebody finally figured out that they didn’t have to type their name despite the star beside the box. So I had to go back and enforce it so I won’t get anymore no names. It’s still not sensitive to a lot of things but until I have a problem with it, I will leave the flaws in the code, basically because I’m too lazy to go change it. If I were doing this for a job or for somebody else I would add a lot more functionality to it. But since it’s just for me I’ll modify the code whenever I feel up to it. Which as you have probably noticed isn’t that often. I have lots of ideas and I have the database and some of the pages set up for more functionality than is actually used. For example if you can select journal entries by month and year and you can turn comments on and off, using options in the URL line. My database has the potential to store not only the number of hits on a page but also which IP, browser, etc., but there is no code to utilize as of yet. I have so much junk I need to do with this webpage and all of my other ones which haven’t been updated in about 2 years. I may get around to it someday though.

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4 Responses to Blog tweaks

  1. Mayor of OzweegoVille says:

    Hurraaaay for coy! Finally an update to the drap and dreary dilbert icons!!! *does happy dance* … hehe

  2. Coy says:

    uhhhh. ok whatever kc.

  3. kc says:

    Hey thanks coy .. now everybody knows my name … Grrr … 😛 hehe…

  4. Coy says:

    Oh don’t tell me that you’re going to be like Cassie, errr, Miss NoName now. *rolls eyes*.

    Please don’t hurt me now Cas… Miss NoName. 🙂

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