I lied

Nope, I’m not adjusted to schedule as well as I thought. I need to keep it up for a series of few days to declare that. When I took my 2200 nap last night I slept for about five hours. So I definately need to have somebody call me when I’m feeling really tired and I think I’ll miss a nap. Other than that mistake I’m doing fine right now. I found a couch in the building where I work so I took two of my naps on it today. I took a nap at 1630 in cs lab. And now I’m sitting here writing this blog entry.

Will slept through his 1015 nap today. I was afraid he might do that since he seems to have the most trouble in the morning. So I tried calling him twice after 1045. He didn’t answer so I assumed he must have slept somewhere else. I was wrong though. I guess will must have slept through his loud wake up music. If he had woken up and turned it off, he would have answered his phone and I could have woke him up. Sorry Will. Maybe next time I should run over to your place with a bucket of water.

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  1. will says:

    hey coy, i didnt quite sleep through my 10.15. it was my 2.15pm and i slept till 5.45pm. three hours over, which is better than 8 from the previous overages. crap, now i have to make a comments interface.

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