I’m awake…well not so much

Well I felt pretty good right after Will called to wake me up, but now I’m already starting to feel tired again and it has been just over half an hour. As long as I can keep myself busy I think that I will be fine. I got up took a shower started washing clothes, but I’m sitting in front of the computer again, and I feel very tired. Now if I can only make that initial burst of energy last for 3 and hours every time I should be fine.

During this nap I felt like I slept very hard. So when will called it felt like I had been sleeping for a couple of hours. Too bad the effects haven’t lasted that long

Did I mention that Terrance wimped out and said he might try polyphasic sleeping next semester. I can’t remember if I posted it in here, and I’m too lazy to go back and look for it. At least I know for sure that Will and I are attempting it. So I will not be alone this time.

Today I’m planning on sleeping in the Student Union Building. They have a couple of rooms in the basement where people hang out and watch tv. It’s usually not too loud, and lot of the time the lights are out. I should do that at around 10:00, then after my last class and right before I go to work at 14:00 I plan on sleeping in my pickup. Then when I get off work, I think I’ll take another nap in my pickup and drive home. That will be at 18:00. I hope Will gets his cell phone soon. Then we can call each other no matter what time of day it is. Right now he only has a phone in is apartment/dorm. Which is great at night, but he can’t call my cell phone because it would be long distance.

Well I guess I finish getting ready for school/work. Talk to everybody later

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