Missed a nap

I missed my 2200 nap, so I decided I would compromise and sleep one hour at 0000 and then wait until 0600 to sleep again. I’m really not as tired as I would expect to be. I’m not sure if taking the hour nap was as wise thing to do or not, but my schedule would be really out of whack if I didn’t. Anyway I went over my 0600 nap so I decided just to wait for 0630. Which is in just a couple of minutes.

I got a very realistic looking ebay scam email from today. I’m really glad to be a geek sometimes. A lot of people could have been fooled by it. They manage to hide their site pretty good. Anybody with any actual web experience should be able to spot it quickly though. Anyway 0630 is rolling around right now, so I’m off.

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