Well, I haven’t had a chance to update my blog in awhile, sorry about that. I messed up horribly on my sleeping schedule yesterday. I was very, very tired because I hadn’t been able to go to sleep during the previous two naps. I knew it would be next to impossible for me to wake up so I asked Chris to wake me up with a phone call. He said ok. So I went to sleep. Instead of waking up half an hour later, I woke up 6 hours later. For some reason Chris hadn’t called. I went and checked AIM to see if he left an explanation. What I saw on the screen was slightly amusing. It said:
(02:24:38) ch1mp p1mp: hey
(02:24:39) ch1mp p1mp: hey
(02:27:11) ch1mp p1mp: yea I dont know your phone number
(02:34:53) ch1mp p1mp: sorry
(02:50:36) ch1mp p1mp: .
(02:50:38) ch1mp p1mp: .
(02:50:38) ch1mp p1mp: .
(02:50:40) ch1mp p1mp: wake up
(02:50:45) ch1mp p1mp: wake up
(03:10:22) ch1mp p1mp logged out.
Oh well. I’ve mostly got back on schedule today. Strangely enough, I still seem to get tired every 4 hours. So it seems that I am at least partially adjusting to the schedule. I now feel like I need a nap every 4 hours, so now I just need to feel like I need to wake up after half an hour of sleep. I think that I’m going to try Chris’s idea for awhile. He slept on the floor by his alarm clock. The floor isn’t as comfortable as a bed, so you don’t feel like staying there after you wake up. I might just lean back in my computer chair and sleep.

Work was very interesting today. When I walked in to the office, Daniel was sitting where Ali normally sits. He told me that the three people who I was working with are on “Administrative leave”. I don’t know exactly what happened, or what they did, but I guess it was pretty serious, and they probably won’t be coming back. In this job you have access to lots of private information, so I can guess what happened, but I could be completely wrong too.

Well programming team practice is in about four hours and I need to take a nap.

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