Time for practice

Well that wasn’t a bad nap. I did have kind of a hard time waking up though. I wonder why? Sleeping in my chair worked pretty good, so I think I’ll continue to do that at least until polyphasic sleeping feels natural

I’ve been working on getting the ACM webpage even more dynamic. I also discovered that you could use fopen with an ftp address. That way you can create files and directories with the proper permissions. So now I’ve gotten the news section running good. It could still use a few more adjustments but overall it’s good. The page now has a photos section that scans the directories and creates the page for me. It uses thumbnails if they are available and if not, just sets width of the image to 150. Which means if no thumbnails are available it could take a very long time to view the page.

Programming practice is pretty soon, so I guess I’ll go take a shower, and head up to the school.

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