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rss feeds everywhere

So here I was feeling all 1337 because I finally added an rss feed to my site. Turns out everybody else already had one. That is everybody except David (at least as far as I know). How sad. Oh well, … Continue reading

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Well the matrix online has recently been sold to Sony. So now I have to try and find my box again to register with sony’s sight. In the meantime, I haven’t been able to play the game like I’ve wanted … Continue reading

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What time is it?

I seriously overslept my nap this morning. I’ve been keeping my phone on vibrate and slipping it in my pocket. It wakes me up better than sound, and doesn’t disturb my sisters. During my last nap sleep my phone fell … Continue reading

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firefox and rss

Alright, taking the suggestion from David I looked up how to add the “livemark” icon to my site for firefox. It turned out to be extremely simple. All I had to do was add <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”RSS” href=”” /> … Continue reading

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You’ve got no mail

Back from work. I missed my last nap because I’ve been moving cash registers all day. I am really tired now. This should be a good nap. I’ve been looking forward to it several hours now. I went to get … Continue reading

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I’m off to work. I’ll see everybody later. I think I’ll make a script to pick a random banner for my propaganda section tonight. I might also move those validation buttons to the footer with my “created with Vim” and … Continue reading

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Well, Berexis (my mage in World of Warcraft) is now level 23. I spent tonight in a group with two people all night. Which is rather strange. I guess none of us had a reason to leave the group. Anyway … Continue reading

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I love my rss feed

I love the new RSS feed for my website. I can be instantly notified when somebody adds a comment to my page. Now everybody else just has to put one on theirs so I can subscribe to them! I wish … Continue reading

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More updates

Alright I’ve added some more updates to my webpage. These were much more minor than the last makeover. I added a graphical logo to my banner. A boring logo but still it’s something. I put some more up to date … Continue reading

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New Layout

I got sick of my layout. I’ve gone with a simpler layout now. I’ve added a little javascript to the site now. Basically it just insures that columns are the same length. I’ve added some new features/bugfixes to my blog … Continue reading

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