Nap 2

I took my second nap over an hour ago. I wanted it to last longer. I woke up but I kept lying on the couch watching TV. If I do that during a late night/early morning I won’t get up. Maybe I’ll just have to sleep on the floor so I don’t want to keep sleeping there. Next nap in one and a quarter hours. When my dad and brother go to sleep I will start playing MxO. Until then I’ll play WoW or Freelancer.

I really hope my email is working. I’ve sent out several important emails from my computer, but I haven’t received any responses :S.

I was updating some of my blog entries (still haven’t finished getting them all up to the new style, it’s very tedious) and then checked out some comments. I saw that Alison did a google search on her name, and found my “Girls — Eeevil” entry from 2002. I should have known better than to add a CS girl’s full name to my blog. You know how all of us computer geeks do vanity searches for our name. Anyway she basically called me loser and bragged about how well her love life is going. She said that she was getting married in one week. So that means that she is now married. It feels strange knowing all these girls I used to admire (secretly or otherwise) are now married. I checked and my grade school “girlfriend” is getting married soon too. Now I’m just waiting for Cassie to get hitched :). Every time I talk to her I expect her to make an announcement. Anyway, because Alison found her name I decided to start removing all last names from my blog. I should never have put them up to begin with. I still have a few more entries to edit.

Ok back to slaying monsters for the betterment of elfkind. 🙂

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2 Responses to Nap 2

  1. firewings says:

    I am not married.

  2. Coy says:

    Not yet anyway :p

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