I am very tired right now. I forgot how hard it was to switch back to normal. It’s strange, it doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, I still feel like I need naps. I just can’t make up my mind, about how I want to sleep. This morning I was sure I wanted to start sleeping normally. Oh well, I be like a girl and change my mind. I just don’t feel like going through deprogramming again. I guess it’s back to the earplug strategy of daytime sleeping. Anyway, I’m about to crash. Maybe one of the girls can make sure I wake up in the morning. I need to get their schedules posted so I can do the same for them, when I wake up on time.

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  1. D.B. says:

    I just noticed one of your banner ads mentioned the FTAA. Over the summer I called my representative and asked him to reject CAFTA (why should it take 1000 pages to define “free trade”? … not to mention specific bad consequences of CAFTA such as potentially making it illegal to purchase vitamin C over-the-counter). Unfortunately, Congressman Pearce voted in favor of CAFTA. The vote for CAFTA violated house rules, and one congressman’s vote was actually throw out (!). Initially, the vote was against CAFTA, so they extended the vote time limit and twisted peoples arms to get them to vote in favor of CAFTA.

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