Halloween was pretty fun. I didn’t do anything except work and play computer, but I did dress up in costume for work. I bought a star trek TNG shirt and and some rank insignia’s. I used black hairspray for darker hair and beard. I bought a toy tricorder, and a model phaser. Only one other person did anything. She wore some cat ears. At work people were calling me commander, and making jokes about “the bridge”, “ready room”, “turbolifts”, and pretty much anything trek related. For lunch we “assembled an away team” and took a shuttle (car) to a restaurant. I think many of them had even more with it than I did. It was interesting. Hopefully I remember to upload some pictures.

In more important news… Shao-ling will have her student visa interview on Friday. I think she is much better prepared this time. She would be starting school here 2 months later. She is going to take one or two semesters of ELS. I really hope everything goes well. It will be much, much better to so close to her. So, wish her luck. 加油 Jia you Shao-ling!

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  1. David says:

    My boss dressed up as Speed Racer for Halloween. And me… well, I simply dressed up – I wore a tux with a bow tie. This was plenty enough since I basically *never* dress up, I figured this would surprise everyone. One of the ladies at work dressed up pretty well as Sarah Palin, and it showed her good humor since she’s actually a democrat.

  2. Shao-ling says:

    honeybear,I am glad that u had FUN !
    and enjoyed dressed custome ~
    You’re really interesting boy
    I love you so much

    yeah..I am ready for VISA interview
    GOOD LUCK to me
    I’ll let ya know the news after it ~
    love ya

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