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Last week I spent all my spare time writing a BLP importer plugin for the GIMP. BLP for those who don’t know is Blizzard’s texture file format. I was working on my JukeBox WoW addon and I wanted to add a play/stop buttons. But I haven’t been able to open up the BLP files with the button templates. So I finally broke down and wrote my own importer. It can read any type of Blizzard BLP image, and allow it to be edited in the GIMP. Saving the file is tricky though. It’s a lossy compression scheme, so I’m having a hard time finding a way to export the image. Fortunately World of Warcraft can load TGA images. So until I can get a working BLP exporter, I can just save my images in the tga format.

If anybody wants a copy of the importer code just send me message 🙂

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  1. xilcoy says:

    I later uploaded it to the gimp registry.
    Blizzard BLP importer

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