dead computer

A few weeks ago, the power supply on my desktop computer went out. A capacitor on the inside exploded while I was away. I bought a new power supply to replace the dead one and my computer ran fine until just a few days ago. When I came home on Wednesday, my desktop was dead again. However this time I suspect that it’s a motherboard issue, because the system has power for about a second, and then shuts itself off. So I just ordered a laptop that should be here in a week or so. I won’t be playing much wow for awhile though. Which also means I won’t be updating any addons either. I’ll have to reinstall gentoo which will take awhile, and then I have to download and install wow and all it’s patches. The laptop will be a nice upgrade though, so it’s worth waiting.

I finally started doing the Power 90 program that I ordered months ago. I’m on day 5/90, so we’ll see if I can keep up with it. I probably won’t, knowing me. I’ll try though. It would be nice to lose the gut I’ve been slowly growing over the past 7 years or so. I’m sure Shao-ling would agree 😛

I have my TEFL course this weekend. I can’t find an itinerary anywhere though. So I’m assuming it starts at 8 in the morning. But I just don’t know. Hopefully, I’m not late. I should go to bed so I can get up in few hours. Goodnight.

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    i am missin you right now

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