Patching linux to play WoW

Today I tried to play World of Warcraft (using wine in linux of course) and I was no longer able to login. I got a segfault whenever I tried to login. Which was weird because nothing I was using the same version of wine and WoW that worked perfectly a week ago. So I did a quick search through winehq bugs and found the problem. It was caused by some code changes in the linux kernel between 2.6.32 and 2.6.34. This kernel patch should fix it though. The other solution would have been to downgrade my kernel back to 2.6.32, but I upgraded for a reason… My laptop wasn’t going into suspend mode correctly in 2.6.32 because the /proc/acpi/event wasn’t firing like it should have. It was apparently fixed in later kernels though because now I can suspend my laptop when closing the lid with no problem.

Ok so for all of you out there saying “that’s why I use Windows” (John Harris). I would like to see you be able to patch your windows kernel when something goes wrong. When you find a bug in windows all you can do is pray that somebody at Microsoft will fix it (or pay thousands of dollars to get it fixed). I love free software :).

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