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I found the source code for a tiny game my friend made a long time ago when he was a brand new programmer. I was searching for anything about my old highschool website (the now defunct ais.cms.k12.nm.us). And noticed that kc had posted some programs online with links back to his homepage on that server. I had almost forgot about this game. kc pitted me as the arch enemy (an evil dragon/monkey). As far as I know he never really finished the game though. So here I present kcrpg remix (I ported his code from c to javascript). I also added an ending of sorts. I decided to try to leave as much of his original code as intact as I could. Spelling mistakes, high-school kid noobish code, etc. So it’s pretty easy to cheat the game (in fact I found it difficult to get far without cheating). I’ve also updated all references to from CybreNurd (my old online alias back in high school) to Xilcoy. It was fun remembering the good ol’ days of AiS. For those that don’t know, it means adventures in supercomputing. Basically it was an intro to programming class. Anyway I hope you enjoy this port of the “classic kcrpg”.

KCRPG (remix)

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