Linux Razer Naga Driver

I’ve been looking around awhile for a “driver” to quickly change keymappings on my SWTOR Gaming Mouse (which is actually just a Razer Naga with a special look), without having to muck about with X configuration settings. Never really found anything very satisfying. So I finally decided to just hack up the nostromo_n50 configuration tool that Paul Bohme wrote ages ago. I’ve already hacked on it some in the past so I was aware of how it worked mostly. It was a pretty simple conversion really. The source is at


Razer SWTOR/naga mouse

Razer SWTOR MMO gaming mouse

I might go back sometime and change the ui from fltk to Qt. Mainly because I know Qt much better, and could make my frontend look a bit nicer. But I’m happy for now. I can now play WoW without having to redo keybindings in game.

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