I’m a software developer living in Houston, Texas. I lived and worked in Taiwan (also as a developer) from 2010-2011. I moved there to be with my fiancee (now wife). I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2006 with degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

This blog is mostly just personal rants and ravings from my past. Though most of them can only be seen if you create an account and login.

I’ve worked on a couple of free projects for fun. A BLP plugin for the GIMP, and some addons for World of Warcraft; the most popular of which is VanasKoS.

Having lived in Taiwan for a year and half, I’ve learned a little bit of Chinese. Enough to get by living in Taiwan anyway. I still want to try to find some time to study it better to be able to speak with my in-laws better.

On my personal computers I run Linux only, for the past several years. I first started using it when I was in High School around 1999. I do enjoy playing video games, but these days wine will pretty much run anything you like, even if it takes some time to figure out on occasion.

As far as religion, I am a Baptist, and interpret things in the bible more literally than many people do these days. I believe it when the bible says God created the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them in 6 days around 6000 years ago. I think it explains the world we live in much better than the religious beliefs of evolution, day-age, gap theory etc.

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  1. nick says:

    any helpful hints for a programmer coming to work in Taiwan starting this summer? i.e. ways to find work, differences between the US and Taiwan, other things to expect…

    • xilcoy says:

      Hi nick, sorry I missed your comment. I moved back to the US in the end of May.
      Originally I was taking classes to become a TEFL teacher, but about a month before I moved, my wife’s Aunt told me about a programming position she knew of at a small company. So I took it. It’s probably too late to give you much advice, as summer is nearly over. But if you have friends in Taiwan, I’m sure they’ll know somebody who is a programmer, they might be able to get you setup there. There’s many famous software/hardware companies in Nangang software park.
      You can find apartments there for $300/month or less but don’t expect much. My first apartment was 250 square feet (or 7 “ping”). You probably won’t have access to clothes dryer, so be prepared to hang your clothes to dry like everybody else.
      Most of the food is great. If you’ll be in Taipei check out A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei sometime. If you want home cooking you’ll probably have to adapt your recipes a bit. I bought a small oven from Costco and finally found a baking store that had corn flour. Everybody loved eating my cornbread (they thought it was cake though). Oh and be sure to boil your water (or just get bottled water). You shouldn’t drink out of the tap like you can here.
      I wish you luck, and I hope you’ve already been able line up your job by now.

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Coy, are you on facebook? Drop me a line, please.

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