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What’s been happening

Hi everybody. A couple of weeks ago I was busier than usual. My brother Shane, and my cousin John came to visit me in Houston for two weeks and left just after the 4th. So I was cooking supper nearly … Continue reading

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Ok this is strange I’ve written 2 more entries since the last one shown. Either I keep forgetting to hit submit or something is wrong with my blog code. I haven’t changed anything so I’m betting I’ve just forgot to … Continue reading

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Job in Houston

Well I had an interview with West Texas Memory Systems out of Houston yesterday. And have been offered a job with them. I am planning on taking it. It would have to be something pretty drastic to change my mind. … Continue reading

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You’ve got no mail

Back from work. I missed my last nap because I’ve been moving cash registers all day. I am really tired now. This should be a good nap. I’ve been looking forward to it several hours now. I went to get … Continue reading

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I’m off to work. I’ll see everybody later. I think I’ll make a script to pick a random banner for my propaganda section tonight. I might also move those validation buttons to the footer with my “created with Vim” and … Continue reading

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